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Welcome to Asigne Hypnotherapy and Kent's BWRT Centre

John Bailey from Asigne Hypnotherapy is a specialist in BWRT, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy based in East Kent

John Bailey (BHC Hons) is dedicated to providing each client with their own individually designed, personal and private therapy programme. To maximise and ensure a positive outcome, individual's care treatments are conducted in a safe, calm and friendly environment.

My services at a glance 

HELPING YOU, to create the life YOU WANT.

Is stress, anxiety or even depression ruining your life?

Are fears and phobias stopping you from getting the most out of your day?


   I provide a safe, discrete and well proven life enhancing service. I am trained in and use a wide range of different therapies. All therapies are tailored to your needs. We work  together to establish which therapy or combination of therapies are best for you. Therapies such as HYPNOSIS, BWRT (BrainWorkingRecursive Therapy)  Psy-Tap (EFT & TFT also known as Tapping with light therapy. (See News), coaching, psychotherapy and Past Life Regression (see News), 'WSN Counselling and Coaching, (Level 2)',  can help clients overcome their stress and anxiety, as well as a wide range of fears and phobias. These can include issues such as visiting a dentist, claustrophobia, blushing, exam nerves and public speaking.

   I work with people who are seeking to improve their every day life issues such as weight, smoking and anger management. Fears such as returning to work or driving in new areas, being in crowded places, etc. can be overcome and the results are life changing.


I am fully trained in counselling those who suffer from psychosexual disorders and specialise in helping individuals suffering from sexual and gender issues and am absolutely LGBT caring.


Please call me now on 01227 361125 or mobile 07850 735202 for a new, happier future

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You can reach me:

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm      01227 361125        


Other times       07850 735202


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